Swift Journey - Day 1

I recently took on the challenge of working on Sendible’s mobile application. I first started working with the android application written with Java but before I knew it there was a need for similar changes on the iOS application. I have had some experience with iOS but never released an app written in Swift, the last iOS app I was involved with building was written in C# (Xamarin). This post is part of a series that will document my journey towards becoming a proficient iOS developer.

Full Immersion

My approach to learning a new language or anything new really, is to immerse myself fully in it. For the past couple of weeks I’ve tried to maintain a consistent schedule where I deliberately practiced the fundamentals of the language. The past weeks have mostly been theory but the upcoming weeks I will start doing some code katas in order to apply what I’ve learned.

One thing I have picked up Once you’ve learned more than one programming language, you start to realise that there is a lot that programming languages have in common, what can be learned from one language can in most cases be transferrable to the next language. A good place to start is usually with the language’s core concepts such as variables, data structures, conditional statements, and functions.


This is the first post in my journey, as a commitment to myself to learning the language I will be posting my progress daily. The posts are really for me to recall and use for reference but if you are reading this and find them useful, great! a journey is always fun with others. Feel free to drop me an email or send a comment on how your journey has been and what are some of the useful things you’ve learned along the way.